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3D MicroEndo

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The professionals at 3D MicroEndo know that getting the best results comes from having the best technology. That’s why they offer CBCT scans at their clinics, which are conveniently located in the Upper East Side, Gramercy Park, and Tribeca neighborhoods of Manhattan. Call one of the New York City offices or use the online tool to schedule a visit, and learn how a CBCT scan can help you.

CBCT Scan Q & A

What is a CBCT scan?

CBCT stands for cone-beam computed tomography, and it’s a type of scan that produces a three-dimensional image of your mouth. 

Your CBCT scan enables the team at 3D MicroEndo to see everything inside your mouth in great detail, like your nerve pathways, soft tissues, oral bones, airway, and, of course, your teeth. 

What are the advantages of a CBCT scan?

There’s less guesswork involved when working from a CBCT scan because it provides such a high level of detail, thanks to images taken from multiple angles. 

This gives the team a more accurate understanding of your dental needs and conditions than is otherwise possible with traditional, two-dimensional X-rays. 

When do you use a CBCT scan?

The team at 3D MicroEndo uses CBCT scans for many diagnostic procedures. For example, they might suggest getting the scan to more accurately diagnose or locate a dental abscess. 

CBCT scans can also be helpful in planning for certain treatments, like a root canal, pulpotomy, or endodontic microsurgery. The scan can provide your dentist with a detailed map of your inner tooth structures to help them precisely navigate around the inside of your tooth during your procedure. 

What’s happens during a CBCT scan?

CBCT scans are totally noninvasive and don’t require that you stay in an enclosed space, unlike CT scans done on your body. 

Instead, you simply sit in an exam chair while the CBCT machine rotates around your head. You also don’t have to bite down on uncomfortable pieces of plastic, which is the case with traditional X-rays. 

It takes only a few seconds for the CBCT machine to thoroughly scan your entire mouth, at which point you can immediately go about your day. There’s no recovery period or downtime. 

How safe are CBCT scans?

CBCT scans are very safe. The CBCT machine uses much less radiation than that of a CT body scan, and no radiation remains in your body after the scan.

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