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Pediatric Root Canal

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Many parents are surprised to learn that losing a baby tooth too early can have severe long-term consequences. To preserve your child’s oral health now and in the future, a pediatric root canal may be necessary. The experienced team of endodontists at 3D MicroEndo perform pediatric root canals at their three locations in the Upper East Side, Gramercy Park, and Tribeca neighborhoods of Manhattan. Call the New York City office nearest you or book an appointment online anytime.

Pediatric Root Canal Q & A

What is a pediatric root canal?

A pediatric root canal is a procedure in which your child’s 3D MicroEndo endodontist partially removes the pulp from an infected primary tooth. The ultimate goal of a pediatric root canal is to preserve a baby tooth until it’s ready to come out naturally. 

How is a pediatric root canal different from a regular root canal?

In a pediatric root canal, your child's 3D MicroEndo endodontist removes tissue from the pulp chamber, inside the tooth crown (the white part of the tooth). 

In a traditional root canal, which is a more extensive procedure, they remove both the chamber pulp and the pulp inside the root canal system of the tooth. 

How does a pediatric root canal work?

Your child's 3D MicroEndo endodontist offers nitrous oxide and local anesthesia to ensure their comfort during the pediatric root canal. Once your child is feeling no pain, their endodontist creates a tiny entry point to the pulp chamber of the tooth.

Your child’s endodontist removes the pulp and reinforces the tooth with a sterile antibacterial material. Then, they seal the tooth to protect it until your child's pediatric dentist can apply a custom restoration.

What are the risks of losing a primary tooth too soon?

Many parents ask why losing a primary tooth early is a problem. After all, the tooth will fall out eventually anyway when the adult tooth erupts. Yet, losing a primary tooth too soon can indeed cause major issues for your child's oral health for the long term. 

Primary teeth are important because they reserve space for adult teeth. When a primary tooth leaves its socket, the nearby teeth often shift over. This can lead to major problems for the adult teeth as they try to erupt. Eventually, that means severe alignment issues as an adult.

Losing primary teeth too early can also lead to delayed jaw muscle and bone growth. Ultimately, that means a smaller jaw and severe crowding issues with adult teeth. Crowded teeth can also overlap in a way that increases the chance of tooth decay.

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by keeping your child’s primary tooth in place until it’s ready to fall out naturally. A pediatric root canal is a simple way to do so. 

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