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A pulpotomy is an endodontic procedure that removes infected pulp from the crown of your tooth while leaving the still-healthy pulp in your root canal intact. At leading endodontic practice 3D MicroEndo, the talented specialists perform pulpotomy on-site for patients of all ages. There are three convenient locations in the Upper East Side, Gramercy Park, and Tribeca neighborhoods of Manhattan. Book your appointment online or call the New York City office nearest you.

Pulpotomy Q & A

What is a pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is a treatment to remove pulp from the crown (the white part) of your tooth while leaving the pulp inside the root canal undisturbed. This kind of treatment is most common for children, and it’s sometimes called a pediatric root canal when performed on primary teeth. 

In some cases, a pulpotomy is appropriate for adults as well. A pulpotomy is only appropriate when you’re not in pain and don’t have a tooth abscess. 

How does a pulpotomy work?

After your 3D MicroEndo endodontic specialist administers anesthesia to numb pain, they remove decay on the tooth. Then, they drill a tiny hole to access the pulp chamber of your tooth. 

Your endodontist extracts the pulp and places a special sterile material inside your tooth to repel bacterial growth and reduce nerve tissue irritation. They seal the tooth using special materials, which protects it until you get a restoration.

After a pulpotomy for a primary tooth, your child generally visits their pediatric dentist to get a stainless steel crown (for the molars) or a white crown (for the front teeth). After a pulpotomy for an adult tooth, you'll visit the general dentist to get a custom porcelain crown. 

Is pulpotomy better than a root canal procedure?

In some cases, a pulpotomy could be better than a root canal procedure, but it’s very much up to individual needs and circumstances. In general, a pulpotomy is less complex and less costly than a root canal procedure. 

But, it may not be as effective as a root canal in many adults. Your 3D MicroEndo endodontist discusses the root canal and pulpotomy options with you in detail to help you make the right choice. 

Would a tooth extraction be better than a pulpotomy?

No, it’s quite rare for a tooth extraction to be a better choice than pulpotomy or root canal treatment. Maintaining your natural teeth is unquestionably the better choice for your long-term dental and overall oral health. 

If you do choose extraction, you need to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or dental implant. Both can be more costly and more complicated than choosing a pulpotomy or even a root canal treatment. 

Find out how a pulpotomy could help you or your child by calling the 3D MicroEndo office nearest you or booking an appointment online.